Support of animal abuse organizations

Martha donates substantial amount of her royalties to animal abuse organizations across the country, among which are

Last Chance for Animals American Humane Association The Animal Welfare Institute In Defense of Animals

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation The Washington Animal Rescue League Humane Rescue Alliance

“I do not believe that people are indifferent to the welfare of animals, possibly, the exact opposite is true – people are so affected by stories, pictures, accounts of animal abuse that they simply do not want to know.” – Martha Grimes

Sponsored projects

Best in Shelter is a nonprofit organization created in 2011 by Martha Grimes, to encourage pet adoption from local shelters and rescue organizations, as well as to raise awareness about the impact of disasters on animals.

“Best in Shelter celebrates all of those who rescue animals from disaster, adversity and abuse,” – Martha Grimes