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Martha Grimes is the bestselling author of 24 Richard Jury mysteries and also the acclaimed fiction Foul Matter, Cold Flat Junction, Hotel Paradise, The End of The Pier and The Train Now Departing.

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The world’s hardest test is taken by the world’s greatest cab drivers

The Knowledge is the latest Martha Grimes novel and the 24th book in the bestselling Richard Jury mystery series.

In THE KNOWLEDGE, London’s cabbies and cops come together on a case that involves Kenyan art, rare gems, astrophysics, and a long-fermented act of revenge. Detective Superintendent Richard Jury nearly meets his match in a Baker Street Irregulars-like gang of kids and a homicide case that reaches into east Africa.

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The Knowledge Book Cover


Book Cover - The Knowledge

The Knowledge

London cab driver Robbie Parsons knows every street, every theater, every landmark in the city by heart. In the backseat of his classic black taxi is a man with a gun in his hand—a man who just a few minutes ago brazenly committed a crime in front of the Artemis Club, a rarefied art gallery-cum-casino, then jumped in and ordered Parsons to drive.

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Book Cover - Hotel Paradise

Hotel Paradise

A once-fashionable now fading resort hotel. A spinster aunt living in the attic. Dirt roads that lead to dead ends. A house full of secrets and old, dusty furnishings, uninhabited for almost half a century. A twelve-year-old girl with a passion for double-chocolate ice-cream sodas, and decaying lake-fronts, and an obsession with the death by drowning of another young girl, forty years before.

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Book Cover - Dakota


In this stunning sequel to Grimes’s beloved Biting the Moon, young Andi Oliver is an amnesiac and drifter who awoke in a Santa Fe bed and breakfast with a man’s belongings tossed about the room.

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The Man with a lot of Mischief

Long Piddleton had always been wary of newcomers. But the quiet town was stunned when the first stranger was found dead, upended in a butt of ale in the cellar of the Men with a Load of Mischief. Then the second body appeared, swinging in place of the mechanical man above the door of the Jack and Hammer.

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New York Times reviews The Knowledge

Marilyn Stasio, NY Times The little guys always have their day in Martha Grimes’s witty mysteries featuring Detective Superintendent Richard ...
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Last Chance for Animals presents Martha Grimes with the Sam Simon Award

Last Chance for Animals presents Martha Grimes with the Sam Simon Award at their gala on October 25, 2015 ...
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Seven farm Sanctuaries Vie for $133,000 during Best in Shelter’s competition

October 29, 2015, Washington, D.C. - Best in Shelter (www.bestinshelter.org), a nonprofit organization created to encourage pet adoption from local ...
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2nd Inspector Jury film in production

German Public Broadcast ZDF has began the production the second Inspector Jury film, based on Martha Grimes's book Help the ...
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