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C-COM Satellite internet Systems Inc offers a broad range of user selectable high speed Internet services to meet residential home user or home office requirements including SME/large enterprises as well as government agencies. C-COM is a service provider that has the unique ability to offer scalable satellite Internet packages that can be configured to meet any bandwidth requirements including Ku Band, next generation VPN and VOIP enterprise services.

[Ku Band is primarily for Satcom (satellite communications), specifically for fixed and broadcast services.]

Through our extensive dealer network, C-COM delivers high speed Internet access to locations throughout North America that are generally located beyond the operating range of DSL and cable services. Our satellite Internet coverage area extends from the northern reaches of Canada and Alaska through the continental United States and South into the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America.

C-COM Satellite Systems has partnered with a number of satellite Internet service providers in order to better serve the needs of the customers. We will work with you to create a complete package that perfectly suits your specific individual or enterprise needs for fixed antenna systems.

At C-COM, we deliver enterprise and consumer solutions with unmatched performance and flexibility, backed by world-class training and 24/7 technical support.

iNetVu in the SNG Market

Developments in the Satellite News Gathering (SNG) industry over the last 20 years have been dramatic, and have changed the way we consume news and view world events. No longer is “reporting the news” well enough. Consumers want to be “part of the news.” This expectation translates into having Live News available for every major story. Innovations in satellite and internet technologies have enabled much of this advancement.

Antenna Models

Auto Deploy Antennas & Flyaway Systems

The 1201 Drive-Away is a rugged, simple to operate auto deploy 1.2m VSAT antenna.

*NEW* iNetVu 1200Q Flyaway Antenna

The iNetVu 1.2m Flyaway Antenna System is a highly portable, self-pointing, auto-acquire unit that comes complete with the iNetVu 7024 controller and can be assembled in less than 15 minutes by one person.

*NEW* iNetVu® 1210 Airline Checkable antenna

The 1210 motorized VSAT antenna system is a 1.2m self-pointing auto-acquire unit with a 6-piece carbon fibre reflector. This carbon fiber antenna is designed to work seamlessly with the iNetVu 7000 controller, this VSAT can be set up in less than 10 minutes.

iNetVu® 1500 Carbon Fibre Antenna

The 1500 Carbon Fibre antenna is a new addition to the iNetVu® family. This 1.5m antenna is a good size and extremely light weight for smaller vehicles, it operates on Ku or C-Band. The light carbon fibre reflector works with all supported modems worldwide.

Satcom for Residential

Satcom Applications for iNetVu® Mobile Internet

Often people like to take breaks from the hustle & bustle of city life to travel hundreds of miles away to the country side or some other remote location. Such a peaceful environment can really ease the mind and rejuvenate the soul from an stressful life, but such a “getaway” it has certain limitations, like the lack of adequate Internet connectivity.

iNetVu® Mobile Internet

Auto-Deploy Flyaway Antennas & Vehicle Mounted VSATs for Satcom

The iNetVu® vehicle mounted antennas, which come in eight different sizes and interface with a large number of readily available satellite modems, mount easily on top of (or inside) vehicles creating a transportable VSAT platform

iNetVu® Transportable VSAT Cases

The iNetVu® Transportable Cases allow for safe transportation of your VSAT satellite system and controller from location to location.


OTTAWA, July 5, 2005 – C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. (TSXV: CMI) has delivered the first iNetVu Mobile internet satellite antenna system to the NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Telescience and Internet Systems Lab.

iNetVu® 750 Auto-Deploy VSAT Antenna

The 750 is also a popular vehicle mounted antenna, great for mobile Internet applications. The 75cm motorized VSAT is easily integrated with Gilat-based systems such as StarBand, iDirect and NERA. Please see VSAT data sheet for size and weight mounting limitations.

iNetVu® 1800 Auto-Deploy VSAT Antenna

The 1800 auto deploy antenna operates on Ku, C, or X band, this durable and rugged unit provides impressive range with many available speeds. Supporting all modems, this 1.8 meter VSAT is used for such applications as Mobile Medical, Disaster management, and Emergency Response.

iNetVu® 98cm antenna

This 98cm motorized VSAT is the vehicle mounted antenna of choice for satellite footprint fringe areas. The 980 auto deploy antenna is also used in high bandwidth Satcom situations, including: mobile office, classroom, bookmobiles and emergency response.

*NEW* iNetVu® 1201 Drive-Away

The 1201 Drive-Away is a rugged, simple to operate auto deploy 1.2m VSAT antenna. Its reflector optics feature a long focal length for excellent cross-pol performance. All 3 motorized axes have very low backlash paired with sophisticated integral sensor and control systems to ensure excellent pointing accuracy.

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