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Kirkus Review of Vertigo 42

Richard Jury returns to investigate four deaths separated by time and geography.

Interviews with Martha

Read Interviews with Martha Grimes about Double Double.

Martha Grimes Online Radio interview with Bill Thompson's "Eye on Books"

The New York Times review of Fadeaway Girl

Seattle Times review of Fadeaway girl

For Grimes, love of stories no mystery

If she weren't writing mysteries, Martha Grimes says, she might be running a tea shop. You were expecting perhaps an auto-parts store?

Dallas Morning News interview with Martha Grimes

When Martha Grimes takes time away from her best-selling series of Richard Jury mysteries to write about a precocious 12-year-old sleuth and aspiring journalist, she mixes autobiographical self-portrait with a helping of wish-fulfillment.

Saving Stephen Strasburg

Short essay by Martha Grimes

Series author explains 'animalist' aims

Fortunately for her readers, Martha Grimes has a hard time letting go. “Everything seems to turn into a series with me even when I don’t mean it to,” said Grimes, a Capitol Hill resident who is best known for the 22 mystery novels she has written about Richard Jury, a Scotland Yard detective.

An Author Gets Back at Publishing

WASHINGTON - "I was fired from Knopf!" said the mystery writer Martha Grimes. "Sonny didn't want the next Jury book," she said, speaking of Sonny Mehta, editor in chief of Alfred A. Knopf, and Ms. Grimes's 18-book series about an urbane British detective, Richard Jury, all named after English pubs, like "The Blue Last" and "The Grave Maurice."


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